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Wikipedia Dis Raps

by Malki Time

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Randomly chosen subjects, hard-hitting burns.


Wikipedia Dis Raps

I hit 'Random' on the wiki, yo, I see what I find
Then serve up a smackdown in the form of a rhyme

[Harry Houdini]
Master of illusion, you got a great brain
It doesn't take a genius to go swimming in chains
You're the world's magician, making great escapes
I'd like to see you try it in the age of duct tape

[Fritz Lang]
Made a film called 'Metropolis', but hold on a minute
Not a single frame has Superman in it
It's looking real deco, all arches and domes
But leave your freaky robot fetish at home

Oh, the Journal of Structural Biology
Yo, it sounds like a read that's too boring for me
Don't let all that peer review go to your head
Because I'm over here reading 'Nature' instead

Fangataufa, blown up by a nuke
Your coral's so pretty it makes me want to puke
And maybe that's a positive, I'll see it from your point of view
But it's forbidden to civilians so I couldn't if I wanted to

Eucalyptus grandis, with your smooth bark
I ain't never see you in Yellowstone Park
Oh, native to Australia, also known as 'gum tree'
Stay there with your kookaburra in your own country!

[Salisbury Zoo]
12-acre zoo in Salisbury MD
Yo, dummies, why you letting people in it for free
You got a real old bear and a couple of ocelots
But how's your budget doing? I bet zoos must cost a lot

[List of international cricket centuries at the Antigua Recreation Ground]
Ah, hmm.
Dating back to '81 against the West Indies
Get that bat up in my hand, I hit you in the kidneys
Why you got a wicket? Why you need it? What you missing?
Sitting playing cricket while there's honeys that need kissing

[Peugeot Type 174]
Car from the '20s, oh, that's real fly
No power windows, GPS...Wonder why?
Oh, it's manufactured in France? That sounds like a good idea
They're known for their engineers...Pfft! I'd rather drive a Kia


released August 3, 2014
Lyrics - David Malki !
Beat - Buzzhawg




Malki Time

David Malki ! is the creator of Wondermark.

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